What is your Superpower

Embracing your unique self

Karen Parker

3/25/20241 min read

What is your Superpower? It’s that unique gift and expertise that can change lives. Everyone has one. It can come in many different forms from analytical problem-solving to creative problem-solving. Or exceptional communication. In whichever form, it is a natural talent that sets you apart from others.

Your Superpower can also rocket you to success in an IT Career. By aligning with a role that plays to your strengths, you can stand out as a candidate because you can speak confidently about how your Superpower will enhance your performance and your ability to immediately contribute to your team.

This is important because we all contribute different things to a team. Being able to state what your Superpower is and how exactly you can contribute is a more powerful statement than saying, “I work well in a team.”

You are also setting realistic expectations. People tend to spend their efforts and energy doing what they are good at, therefore, you will excel at exactly what you are highlighting as your Superpower. You are gearing up for success in a way that’s totally you. This leads to success and enjoyment of what you do in your IT Career.