Career Parkway

Careers are full of twists and turns, like life. Take control of your career and accelerate out of the curve

About us

Career Parkway provides virtual career sessions across the U.S. Each session follows an open, friendly conversation format. All information is confidential. Whether you are choosing a career, looking to change careers, or just need a little help, choose Career Parkway. We can help navigate those twists and turns.



Introduction Session


Free virtual session to discuss your career needs and find out if Career Parkway can help. Learn what flexible options are available so that you can make informed decisions,

Career Exploration

Price starts from 80$/hr

Explore career options, measure yourself with assessments, create your action plans on how to achieve your goals and build your personal brand.

Career Transition

Price starts from 75$/hr

Discover sustainable careers, examine the job market and learn about your transferrable skills.