Diversified Networking

Karen Parker, GCDF, CCSP, CCTC

10/3/20232 min read

Linkedin is famously known as the place for professional networking. The site itself was created for members to be able to network professionally. Often quoted statistics state that a range of 80-90% of Recruiters use Linkedin to actively search for candidates. This was a true statement pre-pandemic.

The job market and recruiter process has changed quite a bit post-pandemic. While Linkedin still remains as one of the higher used social media with an unparalleled ability to connect with other professionals, current statistics show that the number of Recruiters using Linkedin exclusively is dropping.

New statistics, as shown in this graph created by the Career Thought Leadership Group using Jobvite data shows that not only has the Linkedin usage dropping but other social media sites are rising.

This means two things:

  1. Networking should not be done on Linkedin alone

  2. Personal Branding is now more important

Diversify your networking efforts so that you are using at least three different social medias. Options include YouTube, Discord, Reddit, Pinterest, Podcasts, Instagram, Facebook.

If you have your Personal Branding created, this is not as time consuming as it sounds. It has the added benefit of distributing your brand more broadly and gives the ability to create multiple consistent messages. Creating a schedule also helps so that you are posting to one different media each day.

Reach out to Career Parkway for help in creating your Personal Brand.