The best project plans are agile and can adjust and improve. They are designed to be flexible, allowing for changes and adaptations as needed. Schedule time every couple of weeks to review the Job Search Plan.

This section will provide instruction on reviewing your Job Search Progress. We talked about staying fluent and being able to adjust the plan. Now is the time to review the Action Plan, the SMART Goals, and the Task Schedule along with the results of the week. Let's talk about what to evaluate.


Before we start, take a moment to assess your mindset. You want to approach this evaluation in a positive mindset. There are a couple of things to think through. First, where are you in the Change Mindset. We started the lesson talking about adjusting to change. Chances are you are going to be in what I call the "messy middle".

A little less on the acceptance and energy side if not back in the uncomfortable range. The more positive you can approach the process the better results you will get.

If you are in a positive or growth mindset you will be able to review your plan constructively. Focus first on what was done right and celebrate any victories. Give yourself a good positive self talk. Take the time to review your goal and visualize it. Let's review the Action Plan, The Goals, and Tasks.

Did you make your goals in the action plan?

What did you learn this week?

What will you target to improve next week?

There will always be things you can improve. They can be little or big. Document your adjustments and continue your path to success.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

- Maya Angelou