Job Search Resource

Assessing Your Skills and Interests

Talking about yourself can be hard. This section will provide instructions on what to focus on so that you can subjectively speak about yourself with confidence.

First, we'll talk about understanding what is prompting the career change. Doing this will help define the Job Search Plan Goal and bring a focus to the mindset. A positive mindset makes brainstorming positive statements about yourself much easier.

Section One

Research Your Target Industry

The next step in Job Search Strategies and Planning Essentials is Researching your Target Industry. While you already know that your Target Industry is Information Technology, additional research is pivotal to any plan because it identifies and defines your focus, method, and goals.

This section will provide instruction on items to be considered for your Job Search Plan that help specify the who, what, where, and when of your plan. These would be the specific components for your focus:

What kind of Companies
What Kind of Jobs
Where to Job Search

Market Yourself

Marketing Yourself can involve presenting your elevator pitch, personal branding, highlighting achievements and knowing where you will market.

Formulating your elevator pitch is crucial for effectively communicating your message in a concise and compelling manner. Your elevator pitch should highlight your unique selling points and capture the listener's attention within a short timeframe. By crafting a compelling pitch, you will be able to engage potential employers and leave a lasting impression.

Creating your personal brand is essential in today's competitive business landscape. Your personal brand is a representation of your values, skills, and expertise. It is the image that others perceive and associate with you. By defining your personal brand, you can differentiate yourself from others and establish a strong professional identity.

Highlighting how you have learned to apply your technical skills is important as you transition your career. Being able to demonstrate that you not only have all of your unique value to sell, but you have new technical skills and you know how to use them.

All of the work we did in Sections One and Two are about to gel together. We will be referring to the worksheets you have completed to this point so have those handy. We will have more worksheets to add to your Job Search Plan as you complete this section.